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"When you look into a face of a Stracci, you look into a face of pure fawking evil. You don't want to run into them on a dark night in their New Town stronghold. At first the place looks a little quite, all nice shops and fancy parks... But watch out at night! They're freakin' nutjobs, kid, tough customers! Best keep away, until you know what you're doing. If they spot you, they'll send out their vicious Capos after you, attack you with meat cleavers, and make your life and our lives on the streets a living hell. It's better to bring a gang, regime or a crew with you before paying Straccis a visit."
Clemenza about Straccis
Fight for Straccis

Stracci family's quote.

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Crest of Straccis.

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Stracci logo.

New Town is on the periphery of the France mafia scene, but under the Straccis it's influence is on the rise. The Straccis' main shop is waste management, but their real joy in life is killing. They only think about violence, blood and gore. These psychos give the mafia a deadly name. Their icon is "Horse's head". Some think it might be Pinkie Pie's own head.

Members of Stracci Family.