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Carl Cornet
Karl Cornet
Biographical information
Real name Carl Zvi de Cornet
Also known as CC, Mr. Carl, Lili's rich dad, psycho's dad, Boss, Master Cornet, Lili's father, The Grand Deceiver
Nationality Izreal fag Jewish
Born 12th of July, 1974
Age 42
Status Alive
Birthplace Ramla, Israel, Middle East
Cause of death/incarceration None
Physical description
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Dark brown
Ethnicity Jewish
Height 5'8
Weight 72kg
Blood type A-
Gender Male
Career, affiliations and family information
Affiliation(s) Cornet Dynasty, Lili Cornet, Dixmor Project
Occupation(s) Oil tycoon/magnate
Notable family members Lili Cornet (daughter), Eliza Cornet (wife), Victor Cornet (cousin), Jacob Cornet (great grandfather/uncle), Elizabeth Cornet (great grandmother/aunt), Isabella Cornet (great grandaunt), Don J. Cornet (great grandfather/uncle), Lady Lilian Cornet (ancestor), Alexandra Cornet (sister), Cornelia Cornet (grandmother), Beatrice Cornet (great godmother), Linda Cornet (great godmother), Bianca Cornet (great godmother), Belinda Cornet (great grandaunt), Cassandra Cornet (cousin), Gretel Cornet (cousin), Bryce Cornet (godson), Jeffrey Cornet (cousin), Paul Cornet (brother/cousin), Spiritus Cornet (godson), Agustine Cornet (great granduncle), Cornet Brothers (granduncles), Rihidian Cornet Jr. (great great granduncle), Rihidian Cornet Sr. (great great great granduncle/father), Melinda Cornet (great great grandaunt), Lilian Cornet (great grandaunt), Connor Cornet (godson)
Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) Sims series, Tekken series (mentioned)
Voiced by (English) Callum Grant

Carl Zvi de Cornet lives in the Cornet Castle with his daughter, Lili Cornet, and wife, Eliza Cornet. His sister, Alexandra, used to live with Carl's family until she took some money from them and now lives in her own estate.


Carl was born in Ramla, in Israel, Middle East, and he came with his grandmother to France when Carl was young. Unexpectedly, his parents are unknown (it is rumoured they were both killed by his grandmother), and so he came to France with his grandma, Cornelia Cornet, and cousin, Victor Cornet.

He is the father of the spoiled psycho brat, Lili Cornet.

Back in the 1990's, young Cornet became best friends with Gregory McCain after he saved the future CEO from a car crash. He started off as a good person, fighting against his grandmother Cornelia, but, due to a harsh childhood and bad parenting, he envied Gregory, and often tried to find out his secrets. Their relationship crumbled, and Carl was set on the road to evil. He would use and abuse people with manipulating strategies, just as his grandma would do, until one day he decided to murder his grandmother. He later found out Gregory's secret, and his envy got the better of him at the level that he also wanted to kill McCain. He used a Spys' member, Benjamin Price to assist him in his task. Price killed all of Greg's staff when he attempted to murder the latter. Later ordering Benjamin to look over everything, Carl sent him to setup a meteor-rock bomb on the roof of the McCain mansion. Just when McCain himself was about to confront Carl, Price's bomb on top of the McCain mansion caused a nasty explosion which destroyed all of McCain's weapons and priceless objects he owned. Greg was then severely beaten up by both, Carl and Price, but the police came on the scene at the right moment before Gregory would be killed, making the spy and Cornet escaping the scene at the last moment.

Their rivalry still exists today, but it is known that it is not in interest of Carl to kill Gregory and finish the job. Mostly due to all the other things he needs to work on. It is unknown if he will ever finish the job of killing McCain, nor if the latter will try to pursue him or arrest him anytime soon. Due to the circumstances and Cornet's vicious wealth compared to the McCain's, Gregory will probably never try to mess with a Cornet again.

Tekken info

Mr. Cornet is only a mentioned character in the Tekken series. He is Lili's father and a wealthy oil magnate, living in France. But he is also a cold-hearted pacifist, and was really encouraging and excited when his daughter decided to compete in the King of Iron Fist Tournament. Furthermore, he was the orchestrator of her becoming a vicious beast back in high school, bullying and wanting to kill anyone who stood in her way.