Call of Duty: Zero Tolerance is complete revision of Call of Duty: Nuclear War, and rewriting of the timeline, completely phasing out World War III as told by this wiki. Instead it follows Ghosts' Timeline.


The Australian Government felt that the Anti-Discrimination Legislation was against freedom of speech, and decided to get rid of it. The vote ended with 60% no and 40% yes, the first poll failed and later tried again in 2029. They won with 61% after gaining interest from a White Supremacist group. The White Supremacists than were allowed in Parliament after the helping Senator Conrad win the poll, and Harry Thomas-Jefferson was placed as the parties representative. However Australian's tourist industry when through the floor and became incredibly bankrupt. Many tourist were turned down and many migrants were rejected in employment. This caused Australian to be renamed the Discriminating States of Australian, by the UN and the Disgraceful States of Australia by the Americans. Even one citizen of Australian called it an Embarrassment and tried implicate a No Discrimination policy in his own business, but failed. This caused the UN to de-list Australia as Sovereign nation and no longer had financial support.

There were still Australians who rejected the Discrimination Allowance Act, and they managed to pull together many Australians and get Aboriginal Australian Alan Thatcher to become Prime Minister. This angered the White Supremacist Party and even went further to reinstate the Legislation against Discrimination. Representative Harry Thomas-Jefferson threaten war against Thatcher and his loyalists. But Alan returned the axe and set his own Military Agencies to destroy the White Supremacist Clubhouses. A Special Forces group called Wolf Division formed in 2015 was called to action, because of they have the highest mission success rate than Delta Force, SAS and Spetznaz combined. They were formed to handle assignments while they had to keep credibility out of it. Wolf Division as the least casualty rate in Australia and one of three Special Forces units that reject the Discrimination Allowance Act. The White Supremacist Party of Australia declared war on Thatcher and Wolf Division was called to its first war, and action was 100% credibility.





  • Australia
    • Cairns, Queensland
    • Ravenshoe, Queensland
    • Bloomfield Track, Queensland
    • Tasman Sea
    • Melbourne, Victoria
    • Townsville, Queensland