Call of Duty: The Warriors 2


Bedford Video Games

Produced by

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Premier Game Publishers

Not known yet.

First-Person Shooter

PS3, Xbox360, PC

Call of Duty: The Warriors 2 is the confirmed sequel of Call of Duty: The Warriors as well another idea of Bravo Five-Nine. The game starts where it left off in the first game. With new orders recieved from Carter. It is going to be made by the same people at the first game, and is set around the same time. Bedford Video Games have also hinted the game will have missions set in many different countries, and they've said that War Force 415 and the Special Forces Observation Squad will make a return from the first game, as well as a few characters. There are three playable characters in this game, George McBryne, Nigel Bennett and Michael Smith. Bedford Video Games have also said there is going to be no sequel to this game.





War Force 415

Michael Smith - Returning, Playable Character

Johnathan Carter - Returning

George McBryne - Playable Character

Roger Moore - Returning

Nigel Bennett - Playable Character

Special Forces Observation Squad

Josh James - Returning

Snap - Returning

German Army

Colonel Schmitz

Baker's Forces

Harrison Baker Jr. - Appears as Corpse, Returning.

Charles Connor Johnson


Juve Zakowski

Campaign Mode

Bedford Video Games have confirmed a action-packed Campaign mode.

Act I

The Big Boys - 21st January, 2009: Be introduced to your team.

The Workshop - 26th January, 2009: First real mission.

Near Death Experience - 22nd December, 2009: Wake up.

Just Another Day at the Office - 23rd December, 2009: Assist the SFOS.

Act II

Help Call - 3rd January, 2010: Evacuate the plane you are captured on.

The Flame War - 10th January, 2010: Investigate a submarine.

No Deaths in Action - 20th January, 2010: Locate the main antagonists.

Lost - 28th January, 2010: Find your team-mates in the jungle.

The Tight Knot - 1st February, 2010: Get out of a mighty battle using stealth.

The Road to Nowhere - 7th February, 2010: Get to the mansion.

The Slow and Painful - 8th February, 2010: Enter the mansion.


Operation: Recover - 9th February, 2010: Recover McBryne's corpse.

All-Action - 12th February, 2010: Play as Nigel Bennett and defend the mansion, waiting of extraction.

Forces In - 15th February, 2010: Counter-attack the Baker Forces.

The Mountain of Depression - 12th March, 2010: Enter the base.

The Last Stand - 15th March, 2010: Kill Charles Connor Johnson and Juve Zakowski.


The Hall of Duty: A museum level, explore exhibits and use all weapons in the game.


Bedford Video Games have introduced a new multiplayer for Call of Duty: The Warriors 2. The differences include:

  • A new Playlist - Survival: A Hardcore game mode. Everybody gets only one chance per round (Like S&D). But there is no HUD and bullet damage is dramatically increased. Only realistic perks are allowed.
  • Ammo: When reloading while there is still half a mag left, the whole mag is wasted. The reloading animation depends on how experienced the player is, the lesser experience the player has, the longer it may take.
  • Create-A-Class 1.1: Customize your character and class.
  • Core Mode: Core mode is the same as normal games.



Sub Machine Guns

Sniper Rifles






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