This article, Call of Duty: Pre-Nuclear War, is property of Staff Sergeant Jack Jackson.

This is the battle that is set fourty-two years before the events of Call of Duty: Nuclear War

Factions Edit

Allies Edit

  • Australia
  • America

Enemies Edit

  • Lebanese Armed Forces
  • Spanish Special Forces

Characters Edit

Wolf Company Edit

Marines Edit

US Army Rangers Edit

  • Sergeant Ender. KIA. Killed by a mortar round in hitting him in the head.
  • Corporal/Sergeant Louis Foley. Alive.
  • Private First Class/Corporal Jake Dunn. Alive.
  • Private Joseph Allen. Alive.

Spanish Special Forces Edit

Famous lines Edit

"You wanna live, get off the beach!"
— Captain Salmon
"Why don't they just surrender?"
— PFC. Alison

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