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Call of Duty: New Orders is set in 1951 (First Act), in 2018 (Second Act) and in 2019 (Third Act)

Gameplay Edit

Once again the game will have the violence level high. Which means blood and gore, body dismemember etc. Your goal is to follow orders and beat the game. Don't get killed.

Factions in the Korean War Edit

UN Edit

  • Australians
  • Americans
  • British
  • South Koreans
  • Canadians

Communist Edit

  • Koreans
  • Chinese

Factions in the World War III Edit

New Commonwealth Edit

  • Australians
  • Americans
  • British
  • Russian Loyalists

New Communist Edit

  • Egyptains
  • Russian Mafia
  • Russians
  • Saudi Arabians

Character in the Korean War Edit

Australian Edit

  • Captain Tom Majors. KIA. Killed by Enemy Mortar Shell
  • Lieutenant Leanne Janis. Alive
  • Second Lieutenant Abraham Kingly. Alive
  • Sergeant Benjamin Kingly. Alive
  • Sergeant John Reign. KIA. Killed by Enemy Sniper Fire
  • Corporal Kenneth Jackson. Alive
  • Corporal Jack Spears. Alive
  • Private Jesse White. Alive. Playable Character.

American Edit

  • Sergeant Hans Jackson. KIA. Killed by Enemy Machine Gun fire
  • Corporal/Sergeant John Smith. Alive.
  • Private Leonard Jolenne. KIA. Killed by Enemy Sniper Fire.
  • Private Jack Nimoy. Alive.
  • Private First Class Jarod Leonardson. Playable character. Alive.

British Edit

  • Colonel Richard Smith. Alive
  • Captain Derrick Rangers. KIA. Killed by Enemy Artillery Fire
  • Sergeant Kyle Tanners. Alive.
  • Corporal Evan Maloney. KIA. Killed by Enemy Mine.
  • Private John Tyler. Alive. Playable Character.

South Korean Edit

  • Chin Lee. Alive
  • Cho Shin. Alive
  • Sunn Lee. Playable Character. Alive

Canadian Edit

  • Lieutenant Cole. Alive

Characters in World War III Act Two Edit

Australian Edit

  • Captain John Utherford. Alive
  • Lieutenant Lewis Candice. KIA. Killed by Reznov
  • Sergeant Josh Richards. Playable character. KIA. Killed by Reznov
  • Corporal Jack Lewis. Alive.
  • Corporal Alice Hahn. Alive.
  • Private Damien Jackson. Playable character. Alive

American Edit

British Edit

Russian Loyalists Edit

  • Captain Sergei Chernov. Alive
  • Sergeant Reznov. Alive

Russian Mafia Edit

Characters in World War III Act Three Edit

Levels Edit

Act One Edit

Act Two Edit

Act ThreeEdit


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