Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 5 is another idea.

Characters Edit

Task Force 141 Edit

  • Major "Soap" MacTavish
  • Major John Price
  • Captain Daniel "Pumpkin" Keys
  • Sergeant Toby "Tornado" Miller
  • Sergeant Joe "Demon" Turner
  • Corporal Josh "Chip" Bell
  • Corporal Andy "Bones" MacKenzie

US Army RangersEdit

Russian Ultranationalists Edit

  • Alexander Brovovsky
  • Imran
  • Viktor
  • Lev
  • Kiril
  • Vladimir

OpFor Edit

Story Edit

The game takes place 1 year after Soap MacTavish killed Vladimir Makarov, 4 years after General Shepherd was killed and 9 years after Imran Zakhaev was killed. Alexander Brovovsky has established the New Ultranationalists and made contacts all over the world and caused numorous terrorist incidents too. Over the year, Soap and John Price have become Majors. and new members have joined Task Force 141. They decide to try and find Zafir Amid, leader of the new OpFor before he escapes to another part of India. Then a new recruit, Corporal Josh "Chip" Bell turns up and is trained by Captain Daniel "Pumpkin" Keys, Soap and Price. Then after he is trained, they travel there via truck, disguised as OpFor. When they're inside, they find Amid and capture him and hold him hostage. Then they find out that OpFor have seen him on the security cameras and are after him. Immediatly Soap executes him and the squad leave.

Locations Edit

  • Edinburgh, UK
  • Miami, USA
  • San Fransisco, USA
  • Paris, France
  • Agra, India
  • St Petersburg, Russia
  • Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Manchester, UK
  • Liverpool, UK
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Berlin, Germany

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