This is my idea named Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4, this is sequel to Call of Duty: Nuclear War 2. This my last idea for the final World War III battle.

Factions Edit

Enemy Factions Edit

Allied Factions Edit



  • Task Force 141
  • SAS
  • British Navy
  • Several GROM members


  • Army Rangers
  • USN
  • USAF

Saudi Arabia Edit

  • Opfor

Characters Edit

Wolf Company Edit

RAN Edit

  • Captain Sam
  • Commander Johnson
  • Admiral McLaren
  • Leading Seaman Archer

TF 141 Edit

  • Captain/Major "Soap" MacTavish
  • Captain/Major John Price
  • Staff Sergeant Robert Green. Playable Character
  • Lance Corporal/Corporal Donald McDonald. Playable Character
  • Private James Mills. KIA. Killed by Iranians.

US Army Rangers Edit



Opfor Edit

Russians Edit

  • Boris. Executed. Executed by Igor.
  • Igor Krum. KIA. Shot in the head by McClaren.

Acts Edit

Act I Edit

Act II Edit

Act III Edit

Act IV Edit

Epilogue Edit


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