This article, Call of Duty: Indian-Australian War, is property of Staff Sergeant Jack Jackson.

This is another call of duty idea from yours truly JJ.

Factions Edit

Allies Edit


UK Edit

  • SAS 22nd Division, Bravo Team
  • Royal Navy

US Edit

  • United States Navy SEALs Teams: Charlie Alpha and Charlie Sierra

India Edit

  • Indian Resistance
  • Indian Loyal Forces


India Edit

  • Indian Rebels
  • Indian Revolutionaries

Sweden Edit

  • Swedish Army

Syria Edit

  • Syrian Al-Qaedas

Yemen Edit

  • Yemeni Revolutionaries

America Edit

  • CIA Rogue Agents

Characters Edit

144 ACU Atherton Edit

There is only one character that has a real-life counterpart. And that's Jamie (me). All cadets do not engage in battle so their natural status is alive.

  • Cadet Recruit Jamie Salmon
  • Cadet Lance Corporal Daniel Turner
  • Cadet Lance Corporal Manson
  • Cadet Sergeant Davids. Platoon leader

Cairns Company Edit


4RAR Edit

SAS Edit

Royal Navy Edit


India Edit

Indian Rebels Edit

Missions Edit

Prologue Edit

  • Australian Cadets. A cut scene mission with cadets. (No Players)
  • ADF. Train and then fight the Indians. (CC)
  • Bravo Team In. Aid the Australians in their defense. (SAS)

Act IEdit

  • SEALs. Take out the boating parties. (SEALs)
  • Get out!. Attack all the naval units of the Indian Rebels. (Royal Navy)
  • Their Land, Their Blood. Avenge the deaths of the innocent civilians and soldiers in Australia (CC)
  • Playing Stalker. Stalk the enemy without killing them, being spotted or making noise. (SAS)
  • Home Visitors. Protect the shore of Cairns. (FNQR)
  • No More Mr. Nice Guy. Destroy the enemy camp and capture Codename: Red. (CC)
  • Spotted. Escape the enemy ambush. (SAS)

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