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Future Warfare 4 is a ten-part final battle for World War IV.


New Commonwealth Power

New Communist Power

  • Ultranationalists
  • North Koreans (First and Second Part only)
  • Georgians (Fourth part only)
  • Cuba (Fourth part only)


Joint Operation Forces

Wolf Company

Task Force 141

US Army Rangers

  • Major Louis Foley. Alive.
  • Captain James Ramirez. Alive.

New Zealand (Third Part only)

Panzerbataillon 33


  • Ultranationalist President/Russian Vice President Jose Zakheav. KIA. Killed by Salmon by the help of the Ultranationalists.
  • Sergeant Ivan Reznov. Alive.


  • This is the only Call of Duty game were you don't play as an American.