This is a sequel to the first Future Warfare with the Third Sino-Japanese War

Belligerents Edit

New Commonwealth Power Edit

  • Australia
  • Japan
  • United Kingdom

Enemies Edit

  • China

Characters Edit

Australia Edit

Army Edit

  • Major/Lieutenant Colonel Jamie Salmon. SASR
  • General Atkins. SASR.
  • Captain James Windsor. SASR
  • Sergeant Edward Kelly. 4th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment. KIA. Killed by Chinese sniper.
  • Corporal/Sergeant Johnson. SASR.
  • Bombardier James Kelly. 1st Field Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery.
  • Lance Corporal Jack Spears. Playable Character. SASR.

Airforce Edit

  • Flight Lieutenant Conrad Atkins. No. 63 Squadron RAAF. Killed by Nuclear Explosion
  • Sergeant Lucas Castillo. No. 63 Squadron RAAF. Killed by Nuclear Explosion
  • Corporal Jackson. No. 63 Squadron. RAAF. KIA. Killed by President Xu Ling
  • Leading Aircraftman Jonathan King. Playable Character. No. 63 Squadron RAAF. Killed by Nuclear Explosion

United Kingdom Edit

  • Major "Soap" MacTavish. SAS.
  • Major John Price. SAS
  • Sergeant Xavier Koopman. Playable character. SAS. KIA. Killed by Xu Ling.
  • Colour Sergeant Xavier Raymond. Royal Marines and SAS.
  • Corporal Matthew Lewis. SAS.

Japan Edit

  • Mari Ichizo. Leader of the Housing Party of the New Commonwealth for Japan (HPOTNCJ).
  • Takehiko. HPOTNCJ. KIA. Killed by early detonation of C4
  • Yuuki. HPOTNCJ.

China Edit

  • President Xu Ling. Arrested for Treason, Incest and Internation Crimes.

Acts Edit

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