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"It's been 19 years since the third World War, not much of the Ultranationalists is left. But the Russian are not surrending. So welcome to the next World War. Fourth World War and could swear that the last war would give them the picture. But looks like I was wrong."
— Salmon

This is my first idea for a new call of duty.

Belligerents Edit

New Commonwealth Power Edit

  • Australia
  • America
  • UK
  • Germany

New Communist Power Edit

  • Russia
  • New Zealand
  • Cuba
  • Georgia

Characters Edit

Australia Edit

  • Lieutenant Colonel Jamie Salmon. Commander of Wolf Company.
  • Lieutenant Ben Parker. Specialist and Bomb Disposal.
  • Warrant Officer Class 2 Wayne Wilson. Elite Sniper and Stationary Gunner.
  • Sergeant Roy Robinson. Squad Commander and Driver. KIA. Killed by enemy artillery in Wellington.
  • Corporal/Sergeant Robert Jackson. Roy's righthand man and Pointman. KIA. Killed by a Cuban Sniper.
  • Private/Lance Corporal possibly promoted to Corporal. Phillip Martin. Playable character.

America Edit

UK Edit

  • Lieutenant Colonel "Soap" MacTavish and John Price. Duo Commanders of TF141
  • Captain Brian MacTavish. Second in command and specialist.
  • Warrant Officer Class 1 Jarod Jenkins. Pointman and Sniper. KIA. Killed by a Claymore mine.
  • Sergeant Jack MacTavish. Player character.
  • Private Richard Doyle. Rocketman and Bomb expert. KIA. Fell off cliff after being shot in the leg.

Germany Edit

Battles Edit

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