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Bruno Tattaglia
Bruno, Virgil, Luka
Biographical information
Real name Bruno Emilio Maria Carmine Enzo Tattaglia
Also known as Bruno, The Creeper, Brun, Tattaglia's son, Creep, killer, Creepshow
Nationality Italian-American flag Italian-American
Born 22nd of April, 1976
Died 14th of March, 2010
Age 34
Status Deceased
Birthplace Pescara, Italy, Europe
Deathplace Mid Town, France City, France, Europe
Cause of death/incarceration Burned to death in cremation oven by Charlie Trapani
Physical description
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Brown
Ethnicity White
Height 5'11
Weight 81kg
Blood type AB+
Gender Male
Career, affiliations and family information
Affiliation(s) Tattaglia Family, Virgil Sollozzo
Occupation(s) Strip club owner, Tattaglia Underboss
Notable family members Samuele Tattaglia (father), Johnny Tattaglia (younger brother), Rico Tattaglia (older brother), Mary Tattaglia (mother), Vincente Tattaglia (godfather), Tony Tattaglia (uncle), Rudolph Tattaglia (uncle), Sameth Clinton (uncle-in-law), Silver Spoon (adopted sister), Luigi Tattaglia (older brother), Giacomo Tattaglia (grandfather), Maria Agniello (grandmother), Roberta Cuneo (aunt-in-law)
Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) The Godfather Game
Voiced by (English) Joe Paulino
"I killed your girl, hell, I enjoyed killing your girl."
— Bruno Tattaglia after killing Frankie

Bruno Tattaglia was the son of Don Samuele Tattaglia and Underboss of the Tattaglia Family, one of the families of the Sicilian Mafia. He led the Tattaglias in the Little Town War of 2007, which gained Little Town from the Corleone Family, and was one of the key figures in The Five Families Mob War. He was burnt to death in the oven of Tito Morelli's in 2010 for the funeral of his uncle Rudolph Tattaglia.


Bruno was the son of Samuele Tattaglia, an Italian immigrant, and a master of his. By 1993, the Tattaglia family had made a name for themselves, and Bruno Tattaglia took part in its rise from 2001. He led the Tattaglia offensive against the Corleones that pushed them out of their territory of Little Town in 2008, which made him a feared commander in the Sicilian Mafia, especially amongst the Corleone family. He was the field commander of the Tattaglias in their mob wars against the other Five Families too, and was always escorted by his bodyguards. By 2010, he had reduced the Corleones to safehouse-dwellers.

Sollozzo's Partner

Sollozzo took part in the murder of Luca Brasi on December 14, 2009, who was trying to infiltrate the Tattaglias to find out what was under Virgil Sollozzo's sleeves. This began the Sollozzo intrigue, however, Sollozzo was killed in February, 2010 by Michael Corleone. The Five Families Mob War broke out the second the Sollozzo crisis ended, with Bruno leading the Tattaglia underworld offensive that forced the Corleones to hit the mattresses. From February to March, he had bombed several Corleone businesses and won a series of short mob wars. Tattaglia reduced the war down to a personal war, not one of business: he murdered Corleone soldato Charlie Trapani's girlfriend Frankie Malone, causing him to go on a rampage against the Tattaglia family. Trapani and Corleone Underboss Sonny Corleone made their move: They killed Tattaglia caporegime and Bruno's own uncle Rudolph Tattaglia. Tattaglia came out of hiding to go to his funeral at Tito Morelli's funeral parlour. During the funeral, Trapani ambushed the Tattaglias in revenge for Malone's death, killing many mobsters and Massimo Forletti, Bruno's right-hand man and Carmine Forletti's nephew, and then threw Bruno into the cremation oven in the basement, burning him to ashes. In 2011, the Tattaglia Mansion was bombed in an attack masterminded by Corleone caporegime and Barzini mole Sal Tessio and Jaggy Jovino before he was found traitor, which crippled the Tattaglias and almost destroyed them until Rico Tattaglia stepped in to be the next Don.

In the video game

"You got no chance. You're a dead man, my friend."
— Bruno Tattaglia to Trapani

Bruno plays a role in the first game starting with Luca's death. Later on, Bruno had his men abduct Frankie Malone, and had them bring her to a church in Crazy Town where Bruno murdered her and incurred the wrath of her boyfriend Charlie Trapani, a Corleone soon to be Underboss. At this time, Bruno had recently become the family underboss after the murder of Frankie Malone.


"Do you agree?"
— Bruno to Luca
"Come on now my little cutie bird.... FILTHY CORLEONE WHORE! Where's yo' pretty boy now!? Huh?"
— Bruno before killing Frankie
"Massimo, kill this coksucker."
— Bruno ordering his men to kill Charlie
"Non hai possibilità, si bruciano in un inferno come se fossi ragazza!"
— Bruno Tattaglia to Charlie
"I killed your girl, heheheheh!"
— Bruno to Trapani
"Fuk you man, you're a dead man, my friend."
— Bruno to Trapani
"No! CAGNA! You killed Forletti! Nevertheless you still have no chance, you're a dead man, my friend."
— Bruno after Trapani kills Massimo

Personality and traits

As being the second youngest of the Tattaglias, Bruno was eager to make his mark in the world, often overshadowed by his elder brother Rico. He was cunning and resourceful, but also had a sadistic side, and admitted enjoying the killing of Frankie Malone.

In newspapers

"Bruno Tattaglia - most loved of Samuele Tattaglia's children, despite being the younger brother of the tough, now boss Rico Tattaglia and the older brother of Johnny Tattaglia. His death was one that touched close to his father, Don Samuele, who ordered the death of Sonny Corleone for revenge. Santino was gunned down at the Little Town Toll Plaza by Barzini, Stracci, Cuneo and Tattaglia hitmen, which caused Vito Corleone to come to terms with the Dons of the Five Families, which officially ended the war. However, from 2010 to 2011, heavy warfare continued between the families that resulted in Don Samuele's death, among many others."