"Ramirez and Foley have already left to ambush them. Guard this border one more time and Shadow Company will be down."
— Captain Price
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The New Russia Captain Price
Brothers in Arms
Modern Warfare 4
Captain Jamie Salmon

Army Rangers

Canadian Rangers

ACOG Intervention


Maine and Canadian border
Destroy the hostiles

Snipe enemy ships

Shadow Company

Brothers in Arms is the thirteenth level of Modern Warfare 4 and final level of Act II.


Salmon and Price are planning to rush through the streets and kill any struggers of Shadow Company, with the help of a Canadian Ranger known as Captain "Frenchy", due to his thick french accent. Soap on the other hand is being treated by Dunn. They do so, eliminating at least three squads of men, before notcing that "Frenchy" has been missing. Searching for his body they find him on him with another squad of hostile Canadian Rangers, but luckily "Frenchy" kills his own men for being traitors.

Dunn reports and says that Soap is in horrible condition and will need back-up, so Price and Ramirez fall back, as the rest of the squad snipes the rest of the boats, with AP rounds on a M82 Barrett .50 sniper.

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