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Florida state prison
Call of Duty: Underground
Cadet Staff Sargent Richard Fernandez
FL-20053, AFSOC
AK-74M (30+280), any weapons picked up.
Florida State Prison, USA
Day 4, 2010
Stand by.
Rescue POWs (3/3).
grab the cell keys
Take out the Sentry Gun.
Destroy the BTR-80.
Get to the extraction zone.
Russian Armed Forces
Multiplayer map
prison block

Breakout is a level in Call of Duty: Underground.



The screen zooms out of New York, and zooms in on Florida.

Shepherd: Wilson I need you, and your team for a mission.

Albert Wilson: Understan' sir, what is it?

Shepherd: You, and your team need to go to the Florida State Prison, and rescue the POWs there. Ya Understand?

Albert Wilson: Yes sir.

Shepherd: Good, Shepherd out.

Albert Wilson: Alright team, where Oscar Mike let's go!


The screen starts black, the player then sees that there in a prison cell with two Russian soldiers. one is interrogating Richard (The player), the other is guarding the door.

Russian soldier #1: You little rats thought you could defeat the great Russian army? Hahaha you such a fools.

Russian soldier #1: Where are the rest of your assholes?

Richard Fernandez: I'm not telling you shit!

Russian soldier #1 spits Richard in the face.

Russian soldier #1: If you are not going to talk... you will die. :)

Russian soldier #1 points his AK-74M at Richard.

Russian soldier #2: Злоумышленникам! (English: Attackers!)

Albert Wilson, and his team of pararescue men toss a flashbang into the room which temporarily blinds and defens everyone in the cell, rush into the cell, and kill Russian #1, #2 cowards away, escapes.

Airman: Area clear.

Albert Wilson: Richard, thank God you're okay. Here, take this weapon.

Wilson grabs the AK-74M from Russian soldier #1's dead body and tosses it to Richard.

Richard Fernandez: Nice.

Albert Wilson: Ok, now let's keep going we've got POWs to rescue!

Richard Fernandez: Yes sir!

The player, and the AFSOC team, exit the cell, move down a hallway, and find Russian soldier #2

Albert Wilson: Don't let him get away. take him down before he tells all his buddies.

The player, Wilson, or a randomly generated npc airman, kills Russian soldier #2, and the team closes in on the first POW cell block.

Richard Fernandez: I know where the key to the cell doors are at. Opening the doors with the key is quitter, and safer then using explosives.

Albert Wilson: Alright, lead the way.

'The player leads the team to an office room overseeing the whole cell block. the player sneaks inside past a lazy Russian guard sitting back in a chair (killing him is optional.), grabs the key, and gets out.

Albert Wilson: Not bad for a teenaged high school cadet.

(To be continued.)