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Black Town
Blak Town
Red Dead Revolver
Red Harlow VS Dead Gang
Gaptooth Ride, Texas, United States of America
Modes (Console Only; PC can play any map in any mode)
Singleplayer, multiplayer
Console Codename (PC)
The Black Town
Singleplayer Map
In Gaptooth Ride

Black Town is a haunted location in Red Dead Revolver.


Black Town was on the verge of being recognised by the mayor, Mr. Black, as a bonafide town when its lawman, Sheriff Nix, was murdered. No other sheriff dared to take the job, so the town became overrun by criminals and all the original inhabitants fled, with Mr. Black not giving a single damn. The bandit Jesse Lynch fled to Black Town, where the mayor was his homie, and knew that no lawman would pursue him there.


Black Town consists of one central street that runs all the way up to the cemetery. The street is lined with hollowed-out buildings, including the bank, saloon, barbershop, general store, hotel, church amongst others.

Known rulers

  • Main criminal faction: Dead Gang
  • Mayor: Mr. Black
  • Police chief: Sheriff Nix (former), none


  • The name of the town most likely comes from the mayor's surname, Black, as he has been known to be the mayor of the town for over 30 years and possibly also created it all by himself.
  • It is rather similar to Thompson Town, another ghost town overrun with criminals and presumed to be haunted.
    • It could also be noted that both towns are in the same region: Gaptooth Ride.