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Beatrice Trudeau
Beatrice in winter
Biographical information
Real name Beatrice "Betty" Josee Trudeau
Also known as Bea, Trud, Trudeau, gal, cutie, cute gal, nerd, biatch, evil gal, Beat, adorkable gal, Nerd's gal
Nationality Canadian flag Canadian
Born 2nd of November, 1990
Age 27
Status Alive
Birthplace Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, North America
Physical description
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Blond, light brown
Ethnicity Caucasian-Canadian
Height 5'8” (173 cm)
Weight 130 lbs (59kg)
Blood type A+
Gender Female
Career, affiliations and family information
Affiliation(s) Nerds (former), Earnest Johnson (former), Jimmy Hopkins (former), Bucky Pasteur (former), Angie Ng, Chad Walter Wilson
Occupation(s) Smart ass, former student at Dixmor Academy, Lawyer
Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) Bully
Main appearance(s) (Cartoons) Total Drama: The Billion Bucks Multiverse Tour
Voiced by (English) Caitlin Greer
"Somebody please help! Quick, before there's bloodshed! HELP!!! HELP NOW!!!!"
— Beatrice when there's a fight

Beatrice Josee Trudeau is a character in Bully, and was a member of the Nerds at Dixmor Academy. She was also a part of the peanut gallery in Total Drama: The Billion Bucks Multiverse Tour.

Role in game

Jimmy Hopkins first encounters Beatrice when Petey asks him to deliver a package to her. Shortly after that, Jimmy encounters Beatrice and Mandy when he wanders into the Girl's Dorm. Mandy has stolen her lab notes, and she manipulates Jimmy into retrieving them for her from Mandy's locker in the gym. After this, she falls in "love" with Jimmy and writes about him in her diary, but only so she could then show that around and everybody would laugh at Jimmy. The diary is subsequently confiscated by Umberto Hattrick when he catches her writing in it, however, and so she manipulates Jimmy again into retrieving it from the school after curfew. Jimmy, despite having professed disinterest in her earlier, returns her affections after this.

She gives Jimmy a soda when he's fighting Troy Miller and Davis White when he's trying to get back one of Melvin O'Connor's character sheets.

Later, Beatrice is seen complaining with the other nerds to Jimmy about rats being in the library.

During Chapter 1, Mandy and Beatrice have a catty exchange on the bulletin board. Mandy posts something requesting the location of Beatrice's "lost popularity", then ridicules Trudeau for not making the cheerleading squad. Beatrice responds by saying the Nerds will tutor anyone except Mandy.

Beatrice can also be seen entering several of Hopkins's classes.

Beatrice also had a gay relationship with Angie Ng before Ng fell in love with Earnest Johnson and Bea and Angie said their goodbyes. Angie also liked to sexually abuse, not in a too hurtful way, Pinky Gauthier around with Beatrice watching it satisfyingly. However, sometimes Trudeau would get the punishment, much to her enjoyment.

As of 2016, they are back together.


"I hear that new kid Jimmy is not very smart. One less competition is good for me, yes?"
— Trudeau about Jimmy
"All the preps are so excited about the carnival coming to town. I should stay home and study so I can get ahead."
— Beatrice about the carnival
"You think I'm a weak? Think again!"
— Cute gal when in a fight
"I think the Jocks are like different species. They have smaller brains and bigger muscles. We all serve a different purpose in life. Mine is very big and important."
— Cutie about Jocks
"Did you changed your hair? You look... smarter! I like your hat. It covers your head... nicely. ;)"
— Adorkable gal spitting out some compliments
"Everybody is going to hate you no matter what you do, so don't worry."
— Beatrice taunting
"Magic Johnson has ebola AND AIDS! Diddy and Biggie, and Jay-Z and Nas have ebola. Stephanie DJ, and Kimmy Gibbler have ebola. Every sithy little village in Africa, has ebola. >:) Every city in America's getting it now. Just go with the flow."
— Beatrice when thinking of her evil plan to spread ebola

Total Drama:TBBMT

In "Aftermath: Boonie Over Troubled Vodka", Bea appears in the peanut gallery, along with the others who did not qualify for Total Drama: The Billion Bucks Multiverse Tour. When Stephanie McMahon ask the non-competing contestants on whether are they disappointed on not competing the show, Beatrice tells her that they rather lose a chance for the million dollars than having Jax Briggs and White Rabbit torture them like they do the ones who compete. When Boonie MacFarlane refuse to come out to the stage, feeling ashamed for cheating on Wade Martin during her time on the show, Beatrice helps to coax her nervousness. She relays to Wade and Steph that Boonie will only come out if she can sing on her own terms. After Martin and Boonie patch up their relationship, Trudeau is seen in the green room, consoling the pole about Boonie and Martin getting back together and begins to flirt with it.

In "Aftermath: Revenge of the Telecom" Beatrice, along with the rest of the peanut gallery, answered calls in an attempt to raise money for the show and get the VVE Bunny Rocket some fuel to get out of Jamaica. Trudeau has no lines in this episode. Later, Beatrice is shown along with Karen Johnson getting attacked by the robot alligator. At the end of the episode, Beatrice is seen unrealistically hanging from the rafters after the Tourettes Guy blows up himself and the studio. Trudeau is one of the few survivors to survive the incident.

In "Aftermath: Bloodbath", Beatrice is among those who qualifies for the second chance challenge, along with Kinzie Kensington, Diamond Tiara, Rarity, and Constantinos Brakus, after grabbing a can of peanuts containing a pop-up of the White Rabbit. After landing her dice on the Chaosworld square, she is forced to have a boxing match with a chaotic priest, a vodka worshipper, but despite her confidence, she is almost immediately knocked out.

Personality and traits

Beatrice is verbally bullied constantly by some of the female students (those sluts), in particular Mandy Wiles. Mandy refuses to allow Beatrice onto the cheerleading team, and Beatrice retaliates by refusing to allow Mandy to get help with her class work from the study groups that the Nerds run. She also considers Bucky Pasteur a good friend. Troy Miller remarks about a fake rumour that Trudeau is a "slut who pounds the Nerd boys".

Beatrice spends almost every waking hour on pursuing her dream of being accepted into medical school. She wants to be either a neurologist or cardiovascular surgeon and also wishes to find a way to spread ebola virus over America in her plan to conquer USA. She is able to recite the periodic table of the elements and displays a great deal of pride in this, sometimes reciting it to herself as she walks, and complaining that she's never been given a reward for being able to do it. Like most other nerds, she advocates for the removal of all non-academic classes from the school curriculum. According to Christy Martin, not a single female alumni became a doctor, which makes Beatrice a little worried.

Despite her fragile temperament, Beatrice proves quite adept at manipulating Jimmy. She also, apparently, has tried out for the Cheerleading Squad repeatedly, despite her stated disapproval of all non-academic subjects.


  • Trudeau is so adorable.
  • Beatrice wears earmuffs in winter.
  • Beatrice walks with a limp, like most of the characters in the game. She walks normally when carrying books, however.
  • Despite being Canadian, she speaks no French at all. Some Canadians are known to speak a lot of French, as French people immigrated to Canada in the mid 1500's.
    • Despite this, her theme song suggests she can speak French.
  • Her report card grades, as sometimes seen, are the following:
    • Art: C+
    • Science: A+
    • English: A+
    • History: A+
    • Math: A
    • Biology: A+
    • Chemistry: A
    • Geography: B-
    • Music: A
    • Photography: C
    • Shop: B+
    • Home Economics: A


Theme song

5SOS - Good Girls (Beatrice's theme with lyrics)

5SOS - Good Girls (Beatrice's theme with lyrics)