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Operation Makarov


Battle of Berlin

Battle of Cairo

World War III


November 9th-November 21st, 2018


Cairo, Egypt


Australian Victory. Egyptains surrender after they failed their mission


800px-Flag of Australia svg Australians
Russian Loyalists
800px-Flag of the United States svg United States
800px-Flag of the United Kingdom svg United Kingdom

Russian Mafia
Saudi Arabians


Jamie Salmon and James Rogers

Mikhail Slaterovich








Allied Landings, 9th-10th Edit

Australian troops landed in Cairo in November 9th, 2018. They were inserted by air to retrieve some hardware. But after that the Australians found out that Cairo is key source to the war. So after Wolf Company left Cairns Company took over the Assault. After losing some men the CC Operatives took Hill Cairns.

Battle of Hill Cairns, 10th-11th Edit

Battle of Hill Cairns was led by Australia and Russian Loyalists. With heavy assaults by the Russian Mafia trying to take the hill, they failed several assault. After to fourth attempt, they sent in a B-2 Spirit to bomb the area. Killing some of the Royal Marines that were inserting to the Battle. They manage to escape the attack, at morning of the 11th the US Army Rangers made their entrances. The Marines, Rangers and Far North Warriors led a full assault on an Ultranationalist and Egyptian controlled town.

Remembrance Day Battle, 11th-12th Edit

On Remembrance Day, the Australians and British were attacked by Saudi Arabians and the Ultranationalists. They manage to take care of the enemy and then have a last minute of silence before Remembrance Day is over. Later the Russian Mafia led an Assault to the Allied Controlled-Town. After the Australians, Americans and British manage to re-secure the town more of the Russian Mafia and Egyptian Militia attack. On the 12th the Rangers and Marines leave the town to assault the Russian Mafia.

9 Days Of Battle, 12th-21 Edit

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