"Okay, Shadow Company lost the main city. We can slice through this city in the dark. Ramirez, take SAS Captain MacTavish around town. Hooah?"
— Corporal Dunn
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Always Faithful
Back in Black
Modern Warfare 4
U.S. Army Rangers
Mini-Uzi suppresed

Intervention Suppresed

Bangor, Maine
Kill Shadow Company officers

Steal West Coast Invasion plans

Plant a bomb in ammo depot.

Shadow Company

Back in Black is the ninth level in Modern Warfare 4.


Corporal Ramirez and Major Mactavish go into a camp to murder Shadow Company officers, and they do so, killing seven in total.

Dunn and Foley say that they need to kill the hell out of the base, because a group of Marines are coming, not yet knowing off Shadow Company's true intentions.

They quickly plant three C4 charges and run, but are outgunned by Marines and they shoot Mactavish in the leg as Ramirez yells "TEXAS!" back and they are both beaten by Marines with the butt of their rifles, while being questioned. Finally, when the Marines see that torturing the two isn't doing anything, they attempt to execute Mactavish, before Foley shoots the exectioners rifle, stopping it from firing and causing an explosion, killing the Marines around Mactavish, while the Rangers gun down the Marines.

Foley and the group run from the on coming Marines, as they are to heated to talk, but they are evantully cornered. Dunn, drops his rifle and kicks it to the Marines, and slowly walks to them, with his pistol above his head yelling "U.S. Army Rangers. Of Their Own Accord." But a trigger happy Marine wounds him. Foley slowly pulls out a frag grenade, and quickly says "Think fast, basturds" killing the rest of the Marines.

As they run away from what they've done, Foley tells them that those Marines have been bribbed by Shadow Company, and that the real Marines are now on there way.

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