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Sand In My Shoes
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America vs America
Beginning of Attack
Call of Duty: Nuclear War 2
AFC Jonathon West
M16A4 (30+300), M9 (15+90), MP5, 6 semtex grenades and 6 stun grenades
Baghdad, Iraq
Day 3, 2019
Destroy the Hinds. Destroy the tanks. Make the fuel tank fall over. Capture the Russian for interrogation
Krum's Special Forces

This is the fourth level of NW2


Mike is out of hospital and fighting again. He leads some new guys, including Ben Lopez, Jonathan West and Matt James. He leads 'em through Baghdad attacking the forces while pretending to be Shadow Company soldiers. They are successful and capture a Russian to find Shepherd's most hated enemy.



"Welcome back Michael."
— Salmon

141 logo changes to the USAF logo

"It's good to be back."
— Fontaine

Ingame Edit

(The levels starts with the team in a Chinnook)

  • Mike: Okay, listen up. Krum's Special Forces are part of the Ultranationalist and there friends with the Shadow Company so we're here to unmake that friendship. Remember who we are okay. We're being the Shadow Company. Hooah.
  • All: Hooah!

They rope down.

  • Soldier: What are you, doing here?

(Mike draws his JS-6 and shoots them in the head and there drive.)

  • Soldier: Traitors! Traitors!

(They attack each other)

  • Mike: Stay frosty, hunt them down!

(Mike spots 3 hinds.)

  • Mike: You, take out the birds with the Javelin
  • USAF Soldier: Yessir.

(He fires and destroy one of the helicopters put is shot by a sniper.)

  • Mike: West! Take the Javelin and stay down.
  • West: Roger that, sir!

(He takes it and destroy the last two hinds.)

  • Mike: Nice work!

(Three T-90 destroy the building behind them.)

  • Mike: Take out the tanks.

(He tanks one of them then the second, then he is shot and Wade pulls up into cover.)

  • Mike: Fighterwolf 2-5, request an airstrike on the last tank. fire mission - package romeo - danger close
  • Wade: Hang in there! Come on we have to get back!

(Matt gets back up.)

  • Fighterwolf: Roger, fire mission - danger close.

(It makes a pass and destroys the tank and two houses near it.)

  • Matt: Wahoo! Take that!
  • Mike: Let's go. West, you take point.

(Wade and Matt move up across a street. More enemy fire comes from the windows of the houses)

  • Juggernaut: You traitors will pay!

(Mike takes out his Barret and shoots them in the head.)

  • Mike: I'll take care of the Juggernauts! Take care of the ones in the windows.
  • Matt: Copy that, sir.

(They see a fuel tank on its side and approaching Juggernauts.)

  • Mike: West, shoot the the rope.
  • West: Copy that, sir.

(He shoots it and the tank falls down killing the juggernauts.)

  • Mike: Captain Salmon will be proud of you.

(More soldiers come and a high-rank soldier appears behind them. Mike switches back to his AK47)

  • Mike: Use you normal weapons.

(They kill them.)

  • Matt: That back soldier must know something.
  • Mike: Well let's pay him a visit. West go grab him.

(Matt captures the soldiers and missions ends.)

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