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Assault of the Army
Call of Duty 8: End of the World
Sergeant Sam Jackson
U.S. Army Rangers
M4A1 w/ACOG Scope, Grenade Launcher, M9
Frankfurt, Germany
Destroy the Tanks and Jets.

Plant C4 in the Power Plant.

Search for survivors.

Regroup at the rubble.

Find Otto Frankman.

European Army (Germany)

Assault of the Army is the third level in Call of Duty 8: End of the World.


The U.S. Army Rangers assault Germany in search of Otto Frankman, the German President in link with the Ultranationalists. Jackson, Dunn, Foley, Ramirez, Anderson and Lopez take three RPG Missiles and C4 and plant it on the tanks and jets. Then they explode and move onto a power plant filled with Germans. They plant C4 on the fuel compactors and run from the site. Then they blow it up, incinerating many Germans. They search the rubble for Frankman, with success. Frankman is interrogated, saying that the Ultranationalists have a secret base at the cliffs of Mexico. They call Task Force 141 to do the job. Soon, Otto is shot in the head with a Desert Eagle.



"The African Army has collapsed withoerut Emperor Blaster, meaning no threat for the moment"

--- Soap

141 logo changes to U.S. Army Rangers logo.

"Otto Frankman, Leader of the German Army. Believed to be in contact with the Ultranationalists. We have to hunt him down or Germany will fall. The United Nations has already been elimenated in Frankfurt"

--- Foley

"Where is he supposed to be?"

--- Dunn

"In Frankfurt, Sir!"

--- Ramirez


(The squad start in a MH-53 Pave Low)

  • Ramirez: Look out!!!!!!

(An RPG shoots the Pave Low down)

  • Foley: Everyone okay?
  • Dunn: Roger that
  • Foley: Listen up, their tanks and jets are smashing our attackers apart. So we have to destroy them, then move to the power plant, Hooah?
  • Everyone: Hooah!!!!!!!!

(They rush to their defenses and plant C4)

  • Foley: Plant the C4, Jackson.

(Jackson plants C4)

  • Ramirez: Get back!!

(They get back to a destroyed building)

  • Ramirez: Fire in the hole!!!!!!!!

(Tanks and jets are blown up by the C4)

  • Foley: Move onto the power plant!

(Once there, they see Germans holed up in there)

  • Dunn: Alright listen up, We'll sneak around to those fuel compactors on the other side. Once planted, regroup at that guard point there, got it?
  • Foley: Roger.
  • Ramirez: Roger that.
  • Anderson: Hooah
  • Lopez: Gotcha.
  • Dunn: Alright!!!

(They make it to the compactors and plant the C4)

  • Foley: BLOW IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Power plant is blown up and collapses)

  • Ramirez: Check the rubble.
  • Dunn: Hooah.
  • Foley: Clear...wait...WAIT!. I found him!

(Otto Frankman is dragged out by Dunn).

  • Foley: What do you know about the Ultranationalists?
  • Frankman: Ich bin vollek dus efel vallug hef das mak (I won't tell you anything, you bastards!)
  • Dunn: What the hell did he say?
  • Foley: I'll take care of this. Tell me NOW!!!!
  • Frankman: Ok.
  • Foley: Can you speak English?

(Otto nods)

  • Frankman: They have a secret base located at the cliffs of Mexico with nuclear weapons on top. It will be impossible.
  • Foley: Not for Task Force 141.

(Dunn hands a Desert Eagle to Foley and shoots Otto)

  • Ramirez: Mission acomplished, well done!

(End of mission)

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