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Anthony Gatto
Anthony Gatto
Nickname(s) Antoni, Poli's cuz', Gatt, Poli's betta cousin, Anthony
Appears in The Godfather Game
Rank Corleone Family Spy
Affiliations Corleone Family, Charlie Trapani (former)
Status Alive
Killed By None
Birth 14th of June, 1977, Venice, Italy
Sex Male
Death None
Voice Actor Ralph Peduto
"The family ain't gonna be happy with ya if the vendetta levels get too high. Your life on the streets is gonna become much tougher."
— Gatto to Trapani

Anthony Gatto is a spy of the Corleone Family.


Anthony was one of Michael Corleone's spys, and he was posted at the Barzini Mansion on guard duty after the end of the Five Families Mob War in 2011. That year, he helped to kill some Barzini Family assassins that attempted to kill Charlie Trapani after he stole a Barzini liquor truck.

He is the cousin of the traitor, Poli Gatto.

He shares some quotes with Joey Zasa and George Jovino.

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