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Salmon's Capture
American Training
Call of Duty: Nuclear War
1st Lt. Michael Fontaine
Wolf Company and USAF
F-22, JS-6, AK-74u, RPG7, M4A1 Grenadier and C4
Albany, Western Australian, Australian
Day 1, 2018
Follow Captain Salmon's Orders
Cardboard Targets
Multiplayer map

Walkthrough Edit

Captain Salmon is taking Fontaine's squad by training only Fontaine.


Briefing Edit

"That's, Wolf Company, best team in the world. Several WIAs and MIAs but never any KIAs. Lopez their your new friends. Hook up with them. And send your best men."
— Taylor
"Copy that, sir."
— Lopez

(Wolf Logo appears.)

"Brigadier Miles Lopez. We have war with the Russians not just any war, more like a World War now. Michael Fontaine, welcome to Australia."
— Lopez
"What're doing here."
— Mike
"The Australian special force known as Wolf Company is joining the war today."
— Lopez
"I see. Why not before, sir."
— Mike
"You remember Meat right. He was part off Team Two and SASR. Plus Archer was a sniper for them Team One. They were hoping to pick Roach and Ghost before Shepherd and warn them about his corruption."
— Lopez
"They know the truth about those two."
— Mike
— Lopez

In game Edit

  • Miles: This baby is what we have. Now go see this Australian Captain he is going to be your friend for now on.
  • Mike: Yes sir.
  • Jamie: Your the kid joining my Team. Very well. Before you can join I want to see you take targets down in 1 minute and 20 seconds. Riley here holds 80 seconds. Grab the JS-6 from the stall.

(If Fontaine stands around.)

  • Salmon: Move it Michael, we haven't got all day.

(If he continues to disobey.)

  • Salmon: Your test begins soon get your fucking weapon now Lieutenant.

(Once he grabs his weapon.)

  • Salmon: Good now stand up to the range Mike.

(He does so.)

  • Salmon: Good now thirty targets 1 and 20 seconds go!

(40 or 70 seconds.)

  • Salmon: He is better than you, Riley.

(Between 90 and 1:20)

  • Salmon: Not bad, not bad.

(Soundtrack. Invasion Intro from CoD MW2)

Flashback: Good. That's one less loose end. Loose End. Loose End. Do not Trust Shepherd...

  • Mike: You alright Captain.

Flashback: They're dead Soap!

  • Salmon: Oh what. Sorry now get the AK-74u and start cutting down those targets. forty targets and 1 minute thirty seconds. Riley has 70 seconds.

(He gets the AK and gets to the range.)

  • Salmon: Ready, set, fire!

(He gets all targets.)

  • Salmon: Now Fontaine in the F-22.

(He walks up to the F-22)

  • Winona: Hey Lieutenant, are we following orders from him.

Mike: No from me.

(He aboards the F-22.)

  • Salmon: Now shoot the RC Aircrafts done they have RC on them so don't worry.

(He destroys all the targets.)

  • Salmon: Okay since your such a good sport. I'll teach you on demolition, follow me.

(He follows him to the demo ground.)

  • Salmon: Grab that RPG7.

(He does so.)

  • Salmon: Now fire on that target and make sure no one is in front or behind the barrel because it's a fatal mistake.

(He fires.)

  • Salmon: Good effect. Now pickup the M4A1.

(He does so.)

  • Salmon: Fire it towards your feet.

(He does so.)

  • Salmon: Fire to the wall near you.

(He does so.)

  • Salmon: Notice it didn't explode. That's because it just exit the barrel so it's called direct impact, it needs to go further then your position. Now fire at that car.

(He does so but the car is destroyed.)

  • Salmon: Now grab some C4 and put it on the pipeline.

(He does so.)

  • Salmon: Blow it.

(He blows the pipes. The difficulty selection appears)

  • Salmon: Impressive, welcome to Wolf Company

(Mission Ends.)

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