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This Is Our Country
America vs America
Call of Duty: Nuclear War 2
Sgt. James Ramirez
US Army Rangers and USAF
M4A1 SOPMOD (30+420), Desert Eagle (8+21), Thumper, 4 frag grenades, 4 flashbangs, 4 C4 blocks, 4 claymores, Predator drone and M203 Grenade Launcher
Northeast of Baghdad, Iraq
Day 4, 2019
Regroup with Captain Foley
Destroy the Sentry guns and enemy predator drone
Plant two C4 blocks on the power pole
Detonate them
Use the predator drone and level the hotel
Follow Captain Foley
Escort Mike's team to the extraction zone
Return to baghdad
Follow Captain Foley to the church
Restore order by restraining civvies and killing enemy soldiers
Reach the LZ.
Shadow Company

This is the fifth level of NW2


Captain Foley and his team have entered Northeast of Baghdad. They see some sentry guns and a predator drone and they are destroyed by Ramirez. They then move on to a power pole and Ramirez plants some explosive and he detonates them making it fall over. He then uses a predator drone and levels a hotel. He then follows Foley to Mike's team and escorts them to the extraction zone then returns to Baghdad and follows Foley to a church, then restore order then finally leave.


Briefing Edit

"Mike and his squad made everything possible. Enemies Between Krum's SFs and the Shadow Company excellent. Now let's restore order to Baghdad."
— Foley

USAF Logo changes to the US Army Rangers

"Yessir, We'll take care of this."
— Ramirez

Ingame Edit

(The level starts off with Ramirez and Dunn reading a M4A1 SOPMOD.)

  • Dunn: Ramirez, follow me to Captain Foley.
  • Ramirez: Copy that, sir.

(They regroup with Captain Foley.)

  • Captain Foley: Form up! Now listen. Some of our boys are pinned down by a predator drone and three sentry guns. They need us to help them. Ooah?
  • All: Ooah!

(They move along the road and kill some soldiers.)

  • Pvt McCord: I got our six.
  • Captain Foley: Copy that.

(Pinned Down. They move to the area of the pinned down soldiers.)

  • Captain Foley: Ramirez, take out the sentry guns.

(If he stalls)

  • Captain Foley: Hurry up. Our boys won't take anymore fire.

(He destroys the sentry guns.)

  • Dunn: Ramirez, grab that stinger missile and destroy that predator drone.
  • Ramirez: Copy that.

(He does so and he destroys it.)

  • Captain Foley: Go to that power pole and place two charges on it we'll cover you.

(He does so and destroys it.)

  • Ramirez: Wahoo! Oh Yeah!

(They move up.)

  • General Taylor: Sergeant Ramirez, use your predator drone and level that hotel, possible soldiers and sentry guns are on the middle floor.
  • Ramirez: Copy that, sir. Out.

(He uses the predator drone and it hits a random place on the hotel. The hotel blows and half of it collapses onto the street.)

  • Dunn: Yeah!
  • Captain Foley: Follow me to Baghdad.

(They then move up to Baghdad. Mike walks out with his Shadow Company balaclava removed)

  • Mike: Texas! Texas! I'm with you guys!
  • Captain Foley: Mike, let's get your squad out of here now!
  • Mike: Yessir, let's go.

(Foley and the sqaud escorts Mike and his to the extraction.)

  • Shadow Company: Hunt them, down!

(A sudden shake stops and Mike and Foley. Code Black different name for Shockwave. They then see a Hydrogen Missile being launched.)

  • Captain Foley: We have nuclear missile! Missile in the air! Code Black! Code Black!

(The extraction helicopter comes to them.)

  • Mike: I'm getting out of here!
  • Mike 2-5: That came from the river! There's a sub there! You're on your own.

(The helicopter leaves.)

  • Captain Foley: Let's return the Baghdad and restore order.
  • Dunn: Roger that. Let's go.

(They make it to Baghdad and start to restore order. Once they complete)

  • Captain: Mike 2-5, when need extraction.
  • Mike 2-5: Roger that.

(They get to extraction. End of mission.)

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