"Our own Marines have joined Shadow Company men. We're going to burn into Northern Maine. Kill any Shadow Company members you see. Semper Fi."
— Captain Bond
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Always Faithful
Modern Warfare 4
Corporal Locke
U.S. Marines
M16 Red Dot Sight

M4 Carbine Red Dot Sight Desert Eagle (only usable at end of level)

Cover the Marines

Clear the Houses Protect the wounded Sergeant Stop Colonel Johnson

Shadow Company

Always Faithful is the tenth level in Modern Warfare 4.


The Marines are running away from their boats has bombs are dropped, killing half of Captain Bond's squad. When they get off the beach, sniper and machine gun fire greets them.

After barely making through the beach, Bond's thirty men squad is only ten men, including Bond himself.

They reach a group of houses and decide to clear them out, where they thinks snipers and heavy machine guns are firing. When climbing the stairs to the second house, Captain Bond battles with a traitor in his own squad, Bond can be killed or he can be saved.

In the last house, Sergeant King fights another traitor, but fails and is shot twice in the legs. Bond (or random soildier) orders you to help him as you go to where a convey is meeting you.

Going there they meet their new commander, Colonel Johnson, but as Locke and Johnson shake hands, Locke is shot in the chest, but on the ground he fires a Desert Eagle round that kills Johnson.

Locke is unable to get to a medical tent in time and dies of wounds.


  • Locke is put into last stand at the end of the mission.