Alex Rider about to jump out of a plane with a parachute and his M4A1.

Alexander "Alex" Rider is a 25-year-old MI6 agent, who lives in London, England with his girlfriend, Lesley Jones. He is known to be extremely stealthy, and inventive. He is best friends with Jason Fox.

He owns many weapons. His favourite weapons are his M4A1 Carbine with his signature ACOG scope on it. His silenced Walther P99, Walther PPK, Colt M1911, SCAR-H, M14 EBR, USP .45, UMP-9, Kriss Vector, and his ACR.


Alex began his career in early 2000, where he was recruited for joint CIA/MI6 training. After a short weapons test given by Staff Sergeant MacTavish, he was put in a room with Jason where they began joint training excercises, the least of which was defending a fake bomb (while trying to defuse it) from a wave of heavily armed soldiers. Alex scored very high in weapon experience and explosives handling, and is generally given the hardest missions of the MI6 (and CIA, including FBI) combined.