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Albert Wilson
Albert Wilson
Nickname(s) Bert
Appears in Call of Duty: Underground
Rank Captain
Affiliations USAF, USN
Status Alive
Birth 1972
Weapon Eurocopter Tiger, M4A1, M9, Cheytac Intervention and any weapon at his disposal


Albert was born in Alaska when his parents moved to Alaska. He moved back to New York after his parents went missing on a Safari in Alaska and vows to find them. At the age of 16 he became an explorer but he was forced to retire when his company was shut down to low tax payments, he later at age 18 enlisted to the air force and spent is life as an Air Force Special Operator in the AFSOC. He fought in Afghanistan for 6 years and then later fought in North-west Pakistan. After that he fought in the opening to World War III. The 2010 Russian Attacks.