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Air Patrol
Call of Duty: Future Warfare: 2029-2039
LAC Jonathan King
No. 63 Squadron, RAAF
Tiger ARH
Chinese Air Space
November 2nd, 2029
Take control of the Chinese Air Space.
Chinese MiGs and Harbin Z-9

Walkthrough Edit

The Australian government has decided that to weaken the Chinese is to take care of the skies. So they send in the airforce to take control of the Air Space in China. The air force starts to fight off the enemies. They continue to fight off the Chinese. They then fight off the ocean sending more aircrafts to the ocean. They continue to fight in China. Then they finally finish off the last one.

Transcript Edit

Briefing Edit

RAAF logo appears.

"We need to weaken the defense of China. Taking out the air support and taking control of the air will be good enough."
— Minister of Defense
"We got a squadron that can take care of it. I'll send them right now."
CAM Johnston

Ingame Edit

(Level starts off with Castillo firing at a Harbin)

  • Sgt. Castillo: Got a affect on target.
  • Lac. King: Good kill. Good kill.

(They engage in battle.)

  • FLTLT. Atkins: Engage the enemy!

(They begin to fight with enemy aircrafts.)

  • Lac. King: For Maccerson!

(They continue to engage with the enemy.)

  • Cpl. Jackson: Here we go!

(They continue to fight.)

  • Sgt. Castillo: Let's take care of these swines.

(More aircrafts continue to fight.)

  • FLTLT. Atkins: No Surrender, keep shooting!

(Hellfire theme from Modern Warfare 2)

  • Lac. King: Keep pushing through!

(They fight over the ocean.)

  • Sgt. Castillo: Send them to the ocean!

(They continue to fight off the enemy. They fight more MiGs.)

  • Lac. King: Return fire!

(The squadron continue to take out the enemy aircrafts.)

  • Cpl. Jackson: Come on! They show us no mercy, we show them no mercy!

(They continue fight off the enemy aircrafts.)

  • Lac. King: Let's return in land and 'F' up these Chinese.
  • Sgt. Castillo: Let's get the ... outta here!

(They move back to in land.)

  • FLTLT. Atkins: The final approach is let's go.

(They engage the enemy and start to take out the aircrafts again.)

  • Sgt. Castillo: Let's take care of this!

(They continue to fight the aircrafts.)

  • Lac. King: They slowly decreasing!

(They continue to fight off the aircrafts decreasing the aircrafts.)

  • CAM Johnston: Flight Leftenant Atkins, give me a sitrep over.
  • FLTLT. Atkins: We're kicking butt sir, over.
  • CAM Johnston: Roger that, out.

(They continue to decrease the aircrafts.)

  • Lac. King: Ten left!

(They finish them off.)

  • Cpl. Jackson: YEAH!
  • Lac. King: YEEEHAH!
  • FLTLT. Atkins: Woah!

(Level ends.)

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