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Afghan Church
Call of Duty: Nuclear War 2
AFC Jonathan West
Weapons from last level
Southwest of the Red Zone, Afghanistan
Day 5, 2019
Follow SRA Matt James to Afghan Church.
Enter the West Wing.
Deploy green flares on the roof.
Shadow Company

Walkthrough Edit

USAF regroup infront of a Military Base and are briefed it still has power. They enter it then kill all enemy soldiers in the base then they are alerted that fast movers are on they're way to flatten the area.

Transcript Edit

Ingame Edit

(Level starts off with the squad moving through a tunnel.)

  • Matt: Follow me!

(They get top side and meet up with Colonel Young)

  • Matt: What's the situation, sir?
  • Colonel Young: The Military Base still has some power in it, so. We can use it to talk to command, but if we can retake it. (He smiles at Matt as if he was wishing him luck.)
  • Matt: Let's go!

(They fight through to the base.)

  • Matt: West, come on man!

(Level theme. They get in the base and fight into the West Wing.)

  • West: Let's go! Let's go! GO!!!

(A randomly generate soldiers appears.)

  • Matt: (Soldiers name.), throw a flash bang, manh.
  • USAF Operative: Yes, sir.

(They move in and the Operative over hears a radio transmission. Base Battle.)

  • Matt: We have to go! Get that door open! Quick!

(The soldier opens it but is shot dead.)

  • Matt: (Soldiers name)! Let's go! Goh!

(They fight through the base. Killing the enemies as they go. They enter a briefing room and the radios transmission mentions they have two minutes.)

  • Matt: We have two minutes before those f*ckin' fast movers make flatten the city. Let's move, boys!

(They move to some stairs. Endrun. It mentions they have 90 seconds to weapon release.)

  • Matt: 90 seconds let's go!

(They go up the stairs and fight off the soldiers. Then it mentions 1 minute.)

  • Matt: One minute let's go!

(They fight to some stairs. Now it's 30 seconds)

  • Matt: 30 Seconds, let's go! Goh!

(They get to the stairs to the roof and an operative takes to flares and activates them. West follows him and puts his flare up. The fast movers are seen and abort their mission.)

  • Matt: Time to go.

(Level ends.)

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