Kizkakati "Adam Bell" Kanzcozwikz
Adam 2
Nickname(s) Kizkakati Kanzcozwikz (real name), Adamy, Chinaman, Adam, Bell, KK, Great Leader (pronounced Great Reader in Asian, as some Asian people say "r" instead of "l"), Newman's killer
Appears in World of War: Revenge
Rank Leader of terrorists, politican, chinese dictator
Affiliations OpFor, Taliban Terrorists, Ultranationalists
Status Deceased
Killed By Roger Pullman
Death 2034
— Bell to his victim

Kizkakati Kanzcozwikz (A.K.A: Adam Bell) is one of the main and major antagonists in World of War: Revenge. He assassinated John Randy-Newman and he was killed by Josh Holmes, during an attack on his hiding place. Josh throws a knife into his right leg, before he was knocked down with the butt of Roger Pullman's rifle and fallen to his death. His rapping background was Red Communist Star, and his rapping opponets were WWE Wrestlers Kane and Undertaker. 

He is the fictional version of Mao Zedong.

More info will be added soon...

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