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Adam-Andre Domantto
Andre Domatto
Nickname(s) Adam, Silva, Silvester, Andrew, Domnattol, Damn-attol, chair, Silvio, Silver
Appears in Mafia II
Rank Wise Guy
Affiliations Falcone Family
Status Deceased
Killed By Dr. Gianetti
Birth 13th of June, 1932, Hermosillo, Mexico
Death 30th of March, 2016
Weapon Commando Knife, Magnum, Tommy Gun
Voice Actor John Turturro
"¿Cuál es tu oferta a mi amo?"
— Adam to Don Falcone

Adam-Andre Domantto was the Wise Guy of the mafia Falcone Family, based in New York City.


Domantto was born in northern Mexico, and ran a gun running operation in Texas, and sometimes even in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. He established connections with Peter Falcone, the brother of Mob Boss Carlo Falcone. Pete flew planes carrying drugs and dropped them over in Sicily, Italy, and was paid for it in kind. His organisation gained power in NY and in California, and Adam became a major key to his dope enterprises. He had been in the US for five years, on-and-off, as in Mexico there was too much competition. Pete paid him for delivering packages of weapons to buyers, and the two developed a friendship in the family.

Domantto operated from Hollywood, where Peter could choose two ways of drug smuggling: by a plane or by a bus. The plane jobs usually involved drop-offs of crates by parachute, while the bus involved getting the product before another gang could. On 14th of March, 1973, however, Andre drove a plane rigged with bombs and dropped bombs over four Triads crews in Trenton, New Jersey to teach them who they were messing with.

After Falcone Family died in 1977, Adam worked from then on as a part of the secret Dixmor Project, until he was exposed as a traitor on 30th of March, 2016 by Dr. Gianetti. Domantto was killed in his apartment in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he lived after exposing the Project. His body was found in Winnebago Lake with a slashed throat inside of a bodybag with cinderblocks tied to his ankles.