Captain "Ace"
Captain "Ace"
Nickname(s) Bravo 6, Ace, Acer
Rank Captain
Affiliations Alpha Squad, Task Force 589
Birth Unknown
Weapon Deploy CS-6, Modified Longshot CS-6, Nitefinder EX-3, Colt M1911

Ace is a character seen in Operation Cold Shoulder, Operation Takedown and Operation Hercules. He is known as the assault gunner and fighter of the team and has served as squad leader in Operation Cold Shoulder.


Ace started out in the British SAS. His first mission in the SAS was to assassinate Imran Zakhaev. He took the shot with a Longshot CS-6. The wind changed and the round curved. It blew Zakhaev's left arm off. After that they exfilled. Then after becoming a lieutenant there, he was transferred to MI6. Then finally, he was given the rank of captain and moved to the Task Force 589 where he did most of his special ops work.


Ace was involved in Operation Cold Shoulder, Operation Takedown and Operation Hercules. He is known for killing Vladimir Makarov, saving his team from an enemy tank and commanding Operation Cold Shoulder.


Ace's personality was stubborn when he was on a mission. He was usually friendly to his squads. He is particularly friends with Ghost, Boss, and Chainer.


  • "Right....what the helluva dumb kind of name is "Chipmunk", eh mate?"
  • "Ghost, two guards at the end of the hall; you take the one on the left, I'll take the one on the right. On 3. One...two...three! FIGHT!"
  • "We've got a positive ID. Whoever these guys are, we're not happy to see them."
  • "Tank is neutralized."
  • "Ghost! (Ghost: Yeah?) Who's the squad leader? (Ghost: I'm sorry, sir. I don't know.) It's me, you dummy."
  • "Ugh...I really hate "F.D.N.G.'s". (Chipmunk: What's an F.D.N.G. sir?) It means: Frickingly Dumb New Guys."
  • "Go hard or go home. They say they're hard? Not as hard as this. Ha! (Pointing to himself)."
  • "Hard: The one word that describes me and my inner situations."
  • "Let's do this, mates!"