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Above All
Call of Duty: Nuclear War 2
AFC Jonathan West and Thermal TV Operator
AR-15 Grenadier (20+800), Intervention (5+100), M9 (15+30), Lazer designator, 4 frag grenades, 4 flashbangs, 10 C4, 10 claymores and AC-130
Yazd, Iran
Day 5, 2019
Follow Lt. Fontaine.

Use the 105mm and destroy the convoy of tanks and infantry.

Move up the road.

Follow the enemy convoy.

Use the 25mm and kill the enemies before their parade finishes.

Use the 40mm and destroy the enemy convoy before they reach the parade.

Find the main convoy.

Follow the main convoy.

Use the 105mm and destroy the main convoy.

Krum's Special Forces


Fontaine wants to clear Iran of the invading troops. Then he spots the first convoy and orders West to destroy it. Then they follow an enemy convoy to an enemy parading area and he is ordered to take out the enemy and then take out the convoy before they reach the dead soldiers. Finally the Main convoy is spotted then they follow them to Taft then West uses the 105mm on the AC-130 and destroys the convoy.


Briefing Edit

"Welcome back to Wolf Company, Wayne Wilson. Now we can get to Shepherd."
— Salmon

TF141 and Wolf Company logo change to the USAF motto

"Yessir, I understand sir. Okay listen up! We're have to destroy the convoy. This is personal request by General Taylor, now let's this get over with."
— Mike

Ingame Edit

(Level starts off with Mike and his team in Yazd.)

  • Mike: Welcome to Yazd, people. Now follow me.

(They follow Mike up the road. Enemy soldiers attack from the buildings.)

  • Matt: Ambush! Targets! Left side! Left side!

(They fire back and follow Mike. To the first convoy.)

  • West: Well it seems our intel was solid.
  • Mike: Laze the target for the AC-130 to destroy it.

(He paints the target.)

  • West: What's it called?
  • Mike: Damagemaster
  • West: Damagemaster, this is West, fire mission - target package convoy 100 metres to our front - danger close - you're free to use your 105mm

(Player becomes Thermal TV Operator.)

  • Damagemaster: Roger, fire mission - danger close

(The convoy is destroyed.)

  • Damagemaster: Target destroyed.

(Player switches back.)

  • Mike: Let's go.

(They find another convoy. It starts to move.)

  • Mike: Let's follow it.
  • West: Yessir.

(They follow it to a parade.)

  • Mike: Paint the parade
  • West: Yessir.

(He does so.)

  • West: Damagemaster, use your 25mm on the parade.

(Player switches to the AC-130 and kills all targets and then switches back to the player.)

  • Mike: West, laze the convoy.

(He does so.)

  • West: Damagermaster, this is West, Fire Mission - Target Package Convoy - Danger Close - Recommend you using the 40mm
  • Damagemaster: Solid copy, engaging your target.

(Player switches. Targets destroyed. Player switches back to West.)

  • Damagemaster: Targets destroyed. I repeat targets destroyed.
  • West: Solid copy.
  • Mike: Now let's find that main convoy.

(They move out.)

  • Mike: More targets.

(They take out the targets. They find the convoy and follow them but they are already notice.)

  • Matt: West, make sure that convoy never leaves.
  • West: Yes, Senior Airman.

(He paints the targets.)

  • West: Damagemaster, this is West, Fire Mission - Target Package Convoy - Free to use your 105mm.
  • Damagemaster: Roger that, engaging.

(The AC-130 attacks and destroys the convoy. End of mission.)

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