69th Street
69th street
Call of Duty: Underground
USMC vs. Spetsnaz
Arverne, Queens, New York, United States of America
Modes (Console Only; PC can play any map in any mode)
Domination - Free-for-All - Ground War - Hardcore Search and Destroy - Hardcore Team Deathmatch - Headquarters -Sabotage - Search and Destroy - Team Deathmatch
Type of Combat
Medium range to long range fighting
Console Codename (PC)
mp_69th Street
Singleplayer Map

69th Street is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty: Underground. during team games (Team deathmatch, Domination etc.) the USMC team will spawn in the backyard of the Yellow house, while the Spetsnaz team will spawn in the backyard of the Blue house. During Domination, Flag A will be inside the yellow house, Flag B will be in the blue house, and Flag C will be down the street in front of the roadblock.

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