"El Conquiscador" was a Brazilian private militia leader in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Life of "El Conquiscador"

El Conquiscador

"El Conquiscador" with his special squad

"El Conquiscador" was born in 1987, in a shack, which is located in the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. At age of 14, he's got full-knee deep into the criminal underworld of Rio de Janeiro, dealing with drugs, firearms and stealing those. He was in charge of a special group that stole drugs and arms in worth of 100,000$ or more. His breakthrough was when he managed to steal heroin in worth of 567,000$ from the Russian Mafia in Brazil, and he gained his nickname, "El Conquiscador". His true name is unknown. At age of 23, he was in every single police database, wanted in every single country, feared by every single mafia. He continued to rack up money and drugs and by the year of 2015, he is estimated to have stolen drugs in worth of at least 7 million dollars.

Death of "El Conquiscador"

Last Seconds

Last moments of his life. He is seen running in the middle of the event.

Every nice thing has an end. So has Conquiscador's life. When he was in a drug deal in the Favela, the lower part was suddenly rushed by 3 American special unit members. He managed to escape with the marijuana to a market in the upper part of the Favela, but this one was later one also rushed by a special american squad. It was too late to escape, so he fought for his life, but unfortunately, he died. That was the end of "El Conquiscador". It is unknown why the Favela was rushed, but speculated that american agencies found out his hiding spot. He is known for playing in all Call of Duty franchise games in Never Never Land.